Monday, September 15, 2014


2 months ago I was in Bangkok and I missed my flight back home (My brother think it is like a norm thing for me to miss my flight now - which is not true.)

 Anyway, I met this couple at the counter desk because they missed their flight too. & we just decided that we should all hang out together during our 'extended' stay in Bangkok. And very quickly, we became friends (of course we have to be friends what! I iz sociable and they are friendly too!) 

This woman, after getting to know that I am coming to Korea for a short while, decided that she wants to come with me for a not-so-short-holiday to experience Korean culture. Getting along well so far, of course I don't mind another one joining me on my trip.

But because words are still words, it is nothing without action - it happens all the time where people are spontaneous in the moment when they say it but are never spontaneous when it comes to actions - so I didn't take her words seriously.

Then... just 2 days before my take off... I received a message from her that she has her flight booked and will arrive 2 weeks after me. And here we are now in Korea together! 

K, enough of my Bangkok-met-a-spontaneous-girl-story. 

Cafes are all around Korea. You can find ALL.SORTS.OF.CAFE. HERE.
I found YAKUN COFFEE & TOAST here but the out look of the YAKUN here is not the same - will tell you more when I visit them to see how is it different from the one in SG ok?

I went to the HELLO KITTY CAFE! I went to the one at  Hongdae / Cute max.
This Hello Kitty cake doesn't come cheap. It cost KRW10,00 (~ SGD13)
It's super duple cute but no, not tasty. 

 Hello kitty cafe interior 1 - more like castle.

All that we ordered at the cafe while chilling out with all the cute things.
It took us about 15 mins to appreciate the waffles, cake and coffee before we nomz.

It took us 1 hour to get out of the cafe because we (okay, just me) had to take pictures of everything and with everything. It is not that successful when my friend is not a 'picture person'

This is the best picture I have of me with that 'HELLO KITTY CAFE'
yes, don't laugh. 

IMO, if you like cute stuff and Hello Kitty, you should visit this cafe but the drinks/pastries are not cheap and its not that yummy. My friend ( A HELLO KITTY FANATIC ) thinks otherwise though.
But everything here is cute.

-> Hongik University station / Exit 5
-> Go Straight about 400m and pass by Paris Baguette/Starbucks
-> Bright Pink Cafe is tucked in a street on your left

Follow this map: